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Ultraviolet sterilizer

  • uv water sterilizer
uv water sterilizer

uv water sterilizer

  • Philips original ballast and lamp, perfect match
  • No harmful residue
  • There is no harmful matter from PVC
  • Reasonable design, uniform flow distribution, more thorough sterilization
  • Product description: Overcurrent ultraviolet sterilizer is a water treatment sterilization equipment, using the ultraviolet sterilization function, sterilization through the water pipeline. Quickly and thoroughly. No harm
    In water treatment engineering, sterilization and disinfection of water is a very important procedure. Such as in drinking water treatment, medical water pretreatment. In the circulating aquaculture, good sterilization pretreatment is very important for the prevention and treatment of disease in fish farm. Chemical disinfection often results in residues that lead to secondary contamination of water. Water is treated with the sterilization and disinfection characteristic of ultraviolet light, which can kill microorganism in water quickly. And the ultraviolet sterilizer is a kind of power consumption, high efficiency equipment.
    Guangzhou lanling water treatment equipment company produced over - flow UV sterilizer exquisite process, high - performance philips UV sterilizer tube placed in the water pipe. The direct irradiation distance shall not exceed 1CM. The unit irradiation intensity is higher than 30mW/cm2, which can effectively kill bacteria, viruses and algae spores in the water. This reduces the overall microbial content in the water.
    The most important performance index of ultraviolet sterilizer is working stability. Lanling's UV sterilizer USES the original philips lamp and ballast. High matching degree and higher working stability.
Product advantage
    Philips lamp is the best quality UV lamp in the world. The effective life is up to 12,000 hours. The original ballast ensures the stability of the working of the lamp and can be turned on instantly.
    The PVC pipes are free of harmful substances and will not affect human health.
    The design of water outlet under water makes the water distribution more even and the sterilization effect is better.
    After the ultraviolet ray sterilization, there is no residual substance in the water, which will not affect the subsequent water treatment.Good safety performance.
The product application

    Water treatment in food factory, sewage treatment, aquaculture water treatment in factory and water treatment in swimming pool.

Packing specification
    Packing in wooden cases for standard export.


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