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Ultraviolet sterilizer

  • Uv sterilizer
Uv sterilizer

Uv sterilizer

  • Rapid sterilization
  • The rate of sterilization is higher
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Original imported lamp tube, long life
  • Product description: Uv sterilizer(ultraviolet sterilizer) is a use of short wave ultraviolet radiation from the uv lamp to deal with water filter equipment
Product description

UV sterilizer(ultraviolet sterilizer) is a use of short wave ultraviolet radiation from the uv lamp to deal with water filter equipment. It is also called UV sterilizer. Because 235 nm uv rays can damage cells DNA in a very short time, so as to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae spores of physical and chemical effect. So it is made into a variety of disinfection sterilization products. Such as family use ultraviolet disinfection cabinet. With uv disinfector sterilized bowl chopsticks can effectively prevent the spread of hepatitis b virus. In addition uv germicidal lamp is used for food and medical sterilizing.

Product parameters

UV sterilizer is put ultraviolet disinfection lamp in PVC plastic pipe, tube and pipe wall distance less than 1 cm, ultraviolet light intensity can reach 45 amounts per square centimeter. The vast majority of bacteria, viruses, algae seed after UV sterilizer, will be killed. Each tube side, there is a transparent observation hole. The administrator can easily know the lamp is working correctly. Both in and out of the water use PVC fast connection, the installation is very convenient.

Product advantage
1. The philips lamp is the best of the international quality UV lamp. Effective service life can reach 12000 hours. Original form a complete set of the ballast to ensure the lamp work in running stability, and can be instantly lit.
2. PVC material pipes that no harmful substances precipitation, will not affect human health.
3. In and out of the water design more reasonable, more uniform distribution of flow, sterilization effect is better.

4. After the ultraviolet radiation sterilization, without any residual material in water, does not affect the subsequent water treatment. Safety performance is good.


UV sterilizer ban eyes look straight at run time, prohibit open lamp when no water in the pipe after. Frequently switch UV sterilizer will be detrimental to the service life of it. Uv lamp should be replaced after the use of more than 12000 hours lamp, in order to maintain normal sterilization effect.

UV sterilizer and protein separator together form a circulating water treatment system:

The ultraviolet sterilizer produced by lanling water treatment equipment has been carefully packaged:


Various water treatment projects. Such as sewage treatment engineering, drinking water disinfection, aquaculture farms, etc.


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